The SOE Fan Faire

For those of you who do not know, the Fan Faire is a convention held by Sony Online Entertainment where gamers get together and have a good time. After the 2012 year, Fan Faire is now called SOE Live in order to be more inclusive of the whole range of SOE Games. Use the links in the menu to navigate to pages with my images from particular fan faires.

About the Fan Faire pages

The following pages follow a few simple rules. When listing people's names in pictures I go from left to right and back to front, unless I otherwise mention it. In addition I frequently mispell names, get names wrong, or just plain forget someone's name. Some of these pictures were captioned a year or more after they were taken. Some of the captions are wrong or mispelled, and I'm fixing them as I can. I dont know the names of everyone I have pictures of.

When you click on a thumbnail, the images will open in their own window, this window is the 'same' window for all images. That is, if you open a first image, it will open a new window with that picture in it, if you open another, it will use the window which was just opened for the first picture and display the image there. Captions are below the images.

If you know something is mislabled email me at with the picture name and link and I'll correct it.

If you've never been to a Fan Faire or SOE Live before and you play any of the SOE games, do yourself a favor and go to one. They're a blast!