The New England Blacksmiths' Spring Meet 2007

This was my first ever NEB meet, and it was great ! I learned so much from watching and talking with others, and it was wonderful to find out just how many metal pounders there are such a short distance away from me. I had always felt like I must be practically alone, having never met anyone besides a couple of bladesmiths prior to this last weekend, with most of the bladesmiths not intrested in any other general blacksmithing. It's wonderful to know just how many helpfull and experienced smiths are out there =)

Unbeknownst to myself untill after the fact, one of the people who I was talking with over the weekend was a reporter from my town's newspaper The Call. They were doing an article on the meet, and I was quoted and mentioned by name in their article. Here is a link to the article which was the cover story in the Monday June 4th issue. (hopefully this link stays current) Heavy Metal Weekend